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This is little Hannah and she was an absolute dream to photograph.

We photographed the wedding of her mum and dad a little while ago and were really happy to hear that little Hannah had arrived.

We have a list of suggestions or tips when talking to a mum and dad and theyre all designed yop make the newborn shoot as easy as possible. Our are is kept warm with natural heartbeat sounds in the background.

Our suggestions are ……….

Organize a time for the shoot to coincide with the bub’s deeding time so that the little one is fed when the mum and dad arrive for the shoot.
The little one is then undressed and wrapped in a cloth nappy. ( Our supplies). This saves upsetting them trying to undress them after their feed.
Then comes the feed and mum has a comfortable chair and can take all the time she needs.
After the feed, the little ones usually fall asleep and since they are already undressed, it doesn’t take any time at all to wrap and then shoot
Job done.

If every mum followed these instructions, the Newborn shoots would be a breeze. Maybe. Sometimes.

Hannah was just perfect. She even managed a lovely little smile.

Photography by Krista from TWK Studio
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